Featured Pet: Brooke

Found as a six month old puppy alongside her sister and mother on the streets of Afghanistan, Brooke and her family were quickly taken care of by a Good Samaritan wanting a better life for them back in the States. However, the family needed to head to a rescue in Pakistan while they wait for an opportunity to enter America. Over the course of six months, Brooke lost both her mother and sister, leaving Brooke alone to make the journey to America.

After bouncing from one foster home to the next over an additional six months, her current foster family reached out to Our Companions asking for help to meet the needs of this special dog. They didn’t have a fenced-in yard, and this young Sighthound mix needed room to run! She was also having a hard time acclimating to a home with another dog in the household. Brooke needed her own space to acclimate to this new lifestyle, therefore she officially arrived to the Sanctuary for an opportunity to flourish.

As you can imagine, going from the streets to Afghanistan to living in an American home can be quite the transition! Brooke also had to understand how to trust in people, since many of the people in her life had come and went. As we took the time to understand her needs, we noticed that Brooke was the happiest walking on our wooded trails, sniffing and scoping out all the wildlife. She loved being active, sprinting around in the play yards, running like the wind!

She began trusting in people that gave her this opportunity to be out in the great outdoors. Given the respect she deserves to be herself, she loved being around her people and appreciated the love she gave to them! Her subtle ways of showing love, like leaning against you or giving you a sweet lick, was incredible coming from the independent girl we knew she was. Brooke began to open up, showing her aloof, goofy side that we didn’t know existed!

With plenty of physical exercise throughout the day, Brooke began to relax in the house and enjoy quiet time with her friends. Still, she’s far too smart to not keep busy and wanted more opportunities to be challenged! Staff provided plenty of mental enrichment, like scent activities or food puzzles, to keep Brooke on her toes! She also completed several levels of our Family Companions dog training classes, which included loose leash walking and focus skills. She continues to participate in group walks to help with her reactivity around dogs and has been improving each day, even finding a few canine friends that she didn’t mind being in her “inner circle”.

Now at three years old, Brooke finds herself more mature and confident to start the next adventure of her life- finding a home! Having an active lifestyle full of enrichment, and of course a fenced-in yard, would give Brooke an opportunity to trust in her new home and with her new family!  She would thrive as your one and only pet and would love the chance to show off her intelligence with continued training! There will never be a boring moment with Brooke in your life! To learn more about this one of a kind girl, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]