Amelia is sweet as can be! She loves cuddles, playtime, and being held. Though she has mobility problems due to moderate Cerebellar Hypoplasia (or CH), Amelia is always in great spirits! CH is a neurological condition some cats are born with that affects mobility and causes them to stumble, tumble, and have difficulty getting around. But they adapt well and make their way through the world! You can learn more about CH here or visit the CH Kitty Club Facebook group!

Some of you may remember Amelia’s mom and sister, Hazel and Pippi! Pippi was also born with CH, but Amelia’s case is a bit more severe, and she flops over more frequently. Hazel and Pippi are a bonded pair, went home together a couple of years ago. Amelia has been in foster care, and eventually made her way to the Sanctuary. We are so happy to have her, but she’s ready to find her new home!

Amelia is looking for a very special forever family who is home a lot so they can give her the attention she needs to happily navigate the world. Because of her condition, Amelia sometimes needs help eating and using the litter box, even though she tries her best! She doesn’t let her condition hold her back from being an active, fun-loving kitty!

If you’re interested in meeting this adorable love bug, please call 860-242-9999 ext. 302 or email

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  1. Barbara Russo on August 16, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    Amelia is such a positive, playful, and affectionate kitty, She enjoys her playtime and appreciates and returns all the cuddling and attention you can give.

    Barbara R. Our Companions (Feline Volunteer)