Her Story: Originally from Louisiana when she was a puppy, Estie came to the Sanctuary with her sister Amber. They are 3 year old hound/lab mixes who had a history of behaving badly in their prior homes. Since arriving at the Sanctuary they have left that life behind. They now have been split up and live separately, and have no interest in being together now. This has eliminated the competition that they regularly engaged in that led to their bad behaviors.
Estie loves to go for walks, is extremely athletic and LOVES the digging pit we have in our exercise yards. She will take a tennis ball, bury it and then dig it up again over and over! She’s a quick learner, and is progressing quickly through our Canine College lessons. She has now graduated Family Companion 2 classes twice and has proven to be an excellent student in the classes. Estie also participates in our Buddy Project working with youth at risk for school failure.

Check out the adorable video of Estie and her buddy Cole on a playdate in the play yard!