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Fecha de llegada al santuario

April 2021

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Historia de fondo:

Abandoned in a carrier at a bar, Parker was left to fend for herself until a Good Samaritan spotted her and brought her to animal control. At around seven months old, she still needed to get spayed and after her surgery, came to the Sanctuary.

Estado actual:

Parker is still as adorable and playful as ever! She loves receiving visitors who will take advantage of her feisty side, playing with a variety of toys. After mastering the trick of going to the mat, she has been learning how to weave in and out of a staffers legs. She has caught on quickly and is a master at it! Her next upcoming trick is to jump through a hoop which has shown to be very promising! Most of our cats have been hesitant of the hoop, but Parker has shown great interest. She has already done a little hop through it on day one!

Información de adopción:

Meet Parker! This feline female is just under a year old, but she’s still a kitten at heart! Parker is very playful and energetic, therefore this girl needs lots of play time from her people! We dare you to find a toy she won’t love! Once her energy is all out, you’ll find her being quite sweet and cuddly to her friends! Parker is seeking a cat savvy person that can give her plenty of play time and enrichment to make her a happy girl! She would also prefer an adult only home as your one and only pet. Learn more about this sassy sweetie by contacting Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email

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