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Fecha de llegada al santuario

March 2020

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Historia de fondo:

A feral colony caretaker in Hartford spotted Clawdia wandering around in the street. She was concerned that Clawdia didn’t look well and was very thin and dehydrated. She called on a volunteer that helps with trapping ferals and asked for some help. The volunteer knew Clawdia was clearly a friendly stray and was determined to get her off the street and to get her some medical help.
After some medical tests it was discovered that Clawdia suffered from hyperthyroidism. Under treatment she slowly began to improve and this 8 year old girl joined the Sanctuary on Saint Patrick’s day 2020.

Estado actual:

Clawdia has been up for play recently! Once in a while, she will engage in play with staff. Feather toys and ribbons have been her favorite so far! As always, classic Clawdia is always in the mood for cuddles and lap sitting when she doesn’t want to play. Staff has been continuing to leave a foraging box for her to rummage through with her dry food.

Información de adopción:

Meet beautiful Clawdia! This 9 year old beauty is looking for her forever home where she can curl up on a lap and take a long nap. She’s very low key, will do a little bit of play and has good litterbox habits but she doesn’t like to be picked up. If you are looking for a purrfect cat and think you could be her forever home contact or 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

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