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Capitán Crunch

Fecha de llegada al santuario

September 2020

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Historia de fondo:

Trapped in a cage as part of a feral trapping project they discovered the Captain was really pretty friendly.  Animal control took this 3ish year old stray in, had him vetted and tried to adopt him out twice.  Spending a little too much time on the street this feisty little guy with a big personality had to relearn some better social behaviors, which he is currently in the process of doing.

Estado actual:

Captain got those stitches out from the nose cyst removal, and he’s looking quite handsome. Still loves to play in the morning, and then cuddle on laps for the rest of the day. He’s got his routine down pat!

Información de adopción:

Ahoy! Meet Captain Crunch! This 3 year old, friendly guy is looking to aboard a ship of his very own! Captain is seeking a cat savvy, adult only home with someone that can understand his feisty, fun side! Captain needs a compassionate companion that will have plenty of time for play time! Captain Crunch is also FIV+, however cats with FIV can still live long, normal healthy lives. To learn more about this captivating cat, please contact Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email

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