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Historia de fondo:

Athletic, smart, adventurous, goofy, can be playful but has a serious side. If this is what you are looking for as your next family member then Brody is the man for the job! His breed is listed as Doberman/lab but he hails from a rescue in TN so no promises!

Información de adopción:

Brody is now 4 years old and about 50 lbs, has been with his present owners since he was a pup, has had tons of training, has loved all of it, but his owners understand that Brody is not happy with the baby in the home. They have made the painful choice to find him a new home where he can thrive. That's where we come in! What makes Brody the happiest? Lots of likes-chasing a ball, going on walks, hanging out in the yard and chasing the birds and squirrels. He loves the freedom of a large yard that is fenced -he has the joy of chasing the squirrels out and the squirrels make the silly choice to come back in! Hanging out on the back of the couch is also a fun thing so he can watch the world go by. The athletic side shows itself when he chooses to walk the deck railing to get a better view of that world!! He does have some dislikes and this is where the serious side comes in. He would much rather be the one to give permission for being loved on and is very happy when his people respect his wishes. He is happy to spend his nights in his crate so that he can stretch out and have some alone time! He'll share a part of your bed too. His wishes for a new home: if possible, lots of exercise; a big yard -fence a plus; comfy bed with a view; an adult home: prefers to be the only pet in the home. Please call Our Companions Animal Rescue at 860-242-9999 or e-mail [email protected] to learn more!

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