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Elizabeth’s Adoption

Elizabeth and her dad are living proof that opposites
do attract!


Elizabeth was a gorgeous, long-haired princess who was part of our rehoming program before coming to our Sanctuary for over a year. She was FIV positive and elderly, making her difficult to place as it was – pile on a bit of a ‘tude and you have a nearly impossible-to-adopt senior kitty. Though she was great with our staff and volunteers, she would let us know when she was done with getting attention and wasn’t always very polite about it! And when it came to meeting potential adopters, she was downright rude. We all thought she was just being a brat, but I guess she just wanted us all to know that she likes her humans to be young…and young men at that! As it turns out, Elizabeth is an actual cougar.

Elizabeth 2You see, Elizabeth was something like 15 years old when she was finally adopted. In cat years, that equals right around 77 years of age (or something). And her adopter? Just 22 years of age when he brought his “Bells” home. And this lucky lady has not one but THREE young men doting on her at all times (turns out her human has two eligible bachelors for roommates). Like any self-respecting cougar, Elizabeth has her human absolutely wrapped around her finger. This dedicated cat dad does everything under the sun to ensure that his “pretty Belly baby girl” is not only happy, but downright spoiled. And he loves to share Elizabeth’s every adventure on her very own Instagram (check it out – @bellspositive) which has us melting with every new post!

Elizabeth is absolutely the princess, or perhaps queen of her household. She enjoys weekly strolls through the pet store, even donning a ridiculously adorable harness, complete with pink frills, as she struts her stuff down each and every aisle. Her hilariously titled photos and videos reveal that this particularly particular little floof is on cloud nine in her forever home. And it is clear that her human is absolutely head-over-heels for his “puffy princess” who has allowed his “Madame Smooshy Face” to turn his home into a fur-covered cat Paradise – and has instituted a strict no-black-clothes policy for his wardrobe.

While every single one of our adoptions hold a special place in our hearts and all of our wonderful adopters are equally appreciated, it is incredibly touching to see any elderly pet find a forever home – especially when that home is with a young man who has absolutely no worries showing everyone who knows him just how much he loves his “Belly” (she has a LOT of nicknames!!). If you’re ever wondering what it’s like to adopt a senior pet, regardless of your age, just know it is at least as rewarding as adopting a puppy or kitten, if not more so! So don’t knock it til you try it!