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Draco 101519a


Sanctuary Arrival Date

October 2019

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Background Story:

Adopted as a kitten in November 2014, Draco lived in New Hampshire with his owner as an indoor/outdoor cat. In 2016 his owner also adopted Neville- then a kitten, and raised them both as indoor/outdoor cats. Over the years they became primarily outdoor cats with the owner being mostly absent. The owners of the home where Draco and Neville’s owner lived, often would step in to help care for the cats when the owner was not around. When they decided to sell their house and move back to Connecticut, the cat’s owner told them she was not able to find a place to move that would allow her cats. Fearing that they might be left behind the couple brought the cats back to Connecticut with them looking for a better, safer alternative. Draco and Neville joined the Sanctuary on October 11.

Current Status:

Draco has grown considerably more comfortable in his current room. Playful and affectionate he still spends some time outside on the catio but does enjoy coming in to socialize with his visitors. He has interacted some with his neighbor Jingles but prefers the company of his best buddy Neville.