A Very Special Adoption Update


Many, many years ago, a very scared cat by the name of Dillon came into our rehoming program looking to find a forever home! For those of you who don’t know what that means – our rehoming program is simply a way to help find pets homes without having them go into a shelter. We work with the original owners of animals to promote them for adoption and place them in forever homes and they (hopefully) avoid the shelter environment all together! Anyway – back to Dillon!

Dillon Dillon was placed in a home with small children, which just couldn’t work for this scaredy-cat. He was petrified of these miniature humans and though the family loved him and kept him for an entire year while we looked for a better fit, it just couldn’t work out. After a year, a lovely foster home came forward to take Dillon in. Though we no longer have a foster program, this worked out great for Dillon and he stayed there for nearly two years! At that point, we had space for this sweet boy at our Sanctuary and he moved in where he became our resident office cat.

Initially, Dillon seemed like a real tough guy. He was grumpy and spent much of his time around people swatting and hissing, but we soon learned that this behavior was simply Dillon’s way of showing us that he was scared of everything around him! With a lot of patience, understanding, treats, and love, Dillon aka Dilly aka Dill Pickle aka Grumpy Cat slowly but surely made many friends! He became quite the lap cat and though he still swatted and hissed from time to time, he was hiding the sweetest, most lovable kitty behind that tough exterior!

Dillon 2

In 2016, we finally decided it was time to focus on finding this sweet guy the perfect home. We ramped up the effort to find him an adoptive home by launching our very first pet campaign entirely dedicated to Dillon! We posted weekly Instagram photos, boosted Facebook postings, and, using quotes from volunteers and staff members, wrote a blog all about our favorite little Dilly! We hoped that this extra attention might catch the perfect person’s eye and help us to find the right fit for this deserving kitty.

Dillon 1As luck would have it, a lovely young couple – Brittany and Tom – attended an adoption event looking to find their new best friend. They were open to ages, sizes, and personalities and were more focused on finding the right fit than anything else. After chatting with them for a bit, it became clear that these patient people might just be the perfect fit for our Dillon! They were so excited to meet the star of our campaign and after visiting no less than five times, which is just what this shy guy needed, they brought him home. We were all so thrilled, though nervous that things may not go as planned.

Fortunately for Dillon, Brittany and Tom were just as perfect as we had hoped. They patiently waited for Dilly to come around, which hardly took any time at all, and now nearly one year later, he has turned into the most perfect lap cat, companion, and family member. He adores his mom and dad and they are just as smitten with their fur child! Though it took him a bit longer to find the right family, everything worked out as it should have and this trio have created an adorable family unit where Dillon happily thrives getting all the love and attention he so deserves! We couldn’t be happier and are hopeful that our newest campaign for our sweet pup Hera is just as successful!


A recent email from Dillon’s adopters shows just how much they love him!

Dillon 3So Dillion has been doing amazing over the past couple of months. He has really made himself at home here, we joke all the time that this is Dillion’s apartment that he lets us stay in. As soon as we brought him home he started warming up to us more and now he is so much more affectionate than we ever thought he would be. He is constantly head butting and licking our legs when he wants some attention and taking naps in our laps. Even when he isn’t feeling like being petted and acts like he is too cool for us he is still following behind us like a shadow and making sure that he is near us. Some of his hobbies lately have included playing tag with us (where he will run around like crazy, comes up to you, jumps up and hugs your leg, and then runs away just as fast), sitting outside in his crate watching the birds, helping us make the bed (we have different versions of helping there), and lining his toys up in a straight line (possibly to appease the vacuum that he has to terms with over the past few months, we are still trying to figure that one out.) He is a complete goof ball and that’s why we love him so much.

Dillon sign