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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2019

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Background Story:

Originally found as a kitten behind a dumpster, he lived and bonded with his first owner of 9 years until she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in December 2018. Heartbroken and very shy he was fortunate to quickly get a second chance and was adopted to a new quiet home in April 2019. Developing health issues of her own, his new owner sadly was no longer able to care for him and Chewbacca had to give up his second home and come to the Sanctuary.

Current Status:

Very shy and unsure of himself Chewbacca is having a tough time adjusting his routine again and getting used to his new surroundings. He is slowly making human friends and meeting some of his feline neighbors and comes out of his secure bunk tentatively to explore his room from time to time. He still prefer the comfort and security of his bunk most of the time. He likes human companionship, enjoys pets and is quick to purr with a cheek rub.