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Calvin 071119d


Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2019

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Background Story:

Hanging out near a home as a stray, he unintentionally scratched the leg of a person he was seeking attention from when his paw slipped off their leg. Taken in by animal control, he was nervous in his new surroundings and did not like being confined in a cage making him jumpy and restless. The Sanctuary looked to be a better fit for this 4 year old guy. Having a deformed leg –possibly an old injury or likely a congenital deformity doesn’t slow him down on bit. He now has a room of his own and has more choice on where he wants to perch and sleep and is an affectionate and attention seeking guy.

Current Status:

Even with his deformed leg he is able to jump and get around fine. To prove this his favorite resting spot has become the top of the highest cabinets in his room. He often comes down to greet and be affectionate with his visitors. He is still nervous and gets overwhelmed at times heading to his safe high place. He has ventured out onto his catio but is still unsure of it and doesn’t stay out for long.