From Miami hunk to regular snow pup, Bruce’s life has done a 180 in the best way possible!


Bruce and BrodyA few months back, we posted an adoption update on one of our long-term Sanctuary pups, the very handsome and lovable Brody! While Brody and Bruce didn’t come to the Sanctuary together and never even knew each other when they were there, their adoption stories are very much intertwined and are both shining examples of the importance of our adoption matching program! You see, Brody’s forever family came to us after their good friend, a wonderful woman named JoAnn, came to us specifically interested in meeting Brody! She came out to meet him and loved him, but knew that he wasn’t the dog for her due to his anxiety about ceiling fans (!) of all things. She kindly handed Brody right over to her friends who fell madly in love with the sweet boy and brought him home a few short weeks later.

Bruce at homeWhile JoAnn was obviously thrilled for her friends and for Brody, she was dying for a pup of her own, so we held onto her information and kept her in the back of our minds, just in case the perfect dog came around. A few short months later, a large, somewhat funny-looking Mastiff mix came lumbering into our Sanctuary. Bruce had been brought up to Connecticut from Miami by another rescue and was just sitting in a kennel, waiting to find the perfect family. Just a few weeks after welcoming him into our Sanctuary, we knew Bruce was a special guy. He was so laid-back and lazy when he wanted to be, but tons of energy for long walks and play sessions in the yard. He would even get bursts of silliness that often lead to him galloping through the grass like a hilarious hippo with a huge grin on his face. He was just a special pup with an awesome personality and we knew just the right person to introduce him to.

Bruce hat

JoAnn was of course thrilled to hear about Bruce and instantly fell in love with him. After his home visit, we were certain that he was the perfect pup for her and he headed home just a few short days later. Bruce and JoAnn are a match made in heaven and we are incredibly grateful that she stuck around to wait for him to come along! We receive regular updates that include adorable photos, videos, and stories and are even happy to report that Bruce and Brody have become fast friends! Bruce has experienced his first snow and though he lived in a warm climate for his entire life, he has learned that he is a huge fan of the snow and is an even bigger fan of his new mom and very best friend. He loves to go on adventures with JoAnn and is enjoying meeting all of her friends – including the four-legged ones!

We always encourage appropriate adopters to stick around if we don’t have a fit for them right away when they apply. While we understand that this can be difficult for people, JoAnn and Bruce are living proof that the wait is well worth it! We can’t wait to get some adorable updates about Bruce’s first holiday in his forever home and hope to continue making matches just like this as we continue to take in more and more pets.