Sometimes the perfect match is found when you least expect it!

Brody goes home

Nearly seven years ago, Brody came to us a very tiny puppy looking for a home where he could live out his days. Unfortunately, Brody just couldn’t get used to the idea of sharing his home with a tiny human and needed to be rehomed at the age of 6. He came to our Sanctuary and after an initial weird period (where he refused to eat normal food and we had to cook him burgers and Steak-Ums) he settled right in. Over time, we came to learn that he was a very sweet and easy boy with a few funny quirks. For example, he hates ceiling fans and LOVES to hunt for small rodents and other tiny creatures. He gets along great with everyone he meets, but is kind of picky about spending time with big, male dogs. He is super sweet and snuggly and absolutely loves learning new tricks, but hates car rides and enjoys barking very loudly at passing trucks and people. Like most pups, he has his strange little quirks, but is overall just about the best boy you could ask for!

Bordy in the carWhich is why after a year at our Sanctuary, we were all surprised that he hadn’t found his forever home. Finally, a lovely woman came to us looking for a hiking partner and we were totally convinced that they could be a perfect fit! Unfortunately, her love for ceiling fans made that an impossible match – but don’t worry, she ended up taking home one of our other favorite boys, Bruce – check back for updates on that adorable adoption!!! Anyway, thanks to this woman, a wonderful family of 3 (her close friends) came to use interested in one of Brody’s “girlfriends”. They wanted a family member who could hang in their back yard, get along with their 13-year-old son, and welcome visitors who came to swim in the pool and celebrate holidays. And none of our shy ladies fit the bill. But we decided to introduce them to Brody to see how it went. And we couldn’t believe how quickly he took to them!

Brody playsRight off the bat, he was practically sitting on top of their 13-year-old son and went from person to person for pets and attention. It was the absolute perfect match! We couldn’t believe that these people had come to us because their friend wanted Brody and they ended up being his match made in heaven. Of course, the home visit was just as wonderful as their introduction and they could not wait to bring him home.


Bordy on the couchSince he moved into his forever home, we have received nothing but amazing updates from Brody and his new family. They are all madly in love with him and he sleeps every single night with his best friend/brother. He adores playing with, snuggling up to, and just generally being around all of his family members and has loved meeting their friends and extended family members. Although we didn’t expect this to work out the way that it did, we have learned that everything happens for a reason and it has all worked out, both for Brody’s family and for the woman who brought them to us! We couldn’t be happier for all of them and are so thrilled with how all of this has worked out in the end.