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Bonkers 020918c


Sanctuary Arrival Date

February 2018

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Background Story:

This rambunctious boy was found as a stray and brought in to the pound with some nipping issues. Bonkers loves nothing more than to play, play, and then play some more. His exuberant personality would be great for someone looking for an active cat. He’s looking for a home where folks can understand his wild side and nurture his spirit. He also has unique looks to match his unique personality. He is polydactyl and has gorgeous fur that volunteers have described as “looking like a porcupine.” Using these huge polydactyl paws, he jumps in the air to grab at feather toys and makes massive muffins on your lap. Volunteers have worked hard to help him burn off energy and get couch snuggles. His favorite thing in the world? Head scritches – either with your hands or his back scratching wand. This ferocious goofball is like having a giant kitten around.

Current Status:

Bonkers has had a mellow month – his favorite thing is just to chill with volunteers outside or sit next to him on the couch. He’s been a very good boy!

Adoption Info:

Fun, playful, polydactyl and adorable, Bonkers has it all! This 2 year old male is a ball of energy and waiting for his forever home. He’s a confident young man and he is looking for a home with someone that will give him lots of playtime. He also needs someone that can speak cat to notice when he’s had enough or too much stimulation so he doesn’t get to excited and give a love nip! If you’re an experienced cat owner looking for a super fun companion, he may be just your guy! Bonkers would prefer to be your one and only cat or could possibly be in a home with the right dog. For more information, contact or 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

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