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Bentley 7-23-19 f


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Background Story:

This cutie is looking for his forever home! His current owners unfortunately are no longer able to keep him, so we are helping to find him a new loving family. Bentley is currently taking our training classes so he can become the best boy he can be!

Adoption Info:

Bentley is a handsome guy in a small package-16 lbs! He is energetic, loves his walks or playing with a ball. Stuffed toys and especially the squeaky type are also favorites! Night time is a time for cuddles on the couch! He has told me that he has some requirements for his new home-he can be a nervous guy so he would prefer to live with dog experienced adults who can understand the things that make him uncomfortable and have time to provide him with lots of love and understanding. One of the things that make him nervous is children so an adult home would be best. Apartments are not his thing so a single home would also be on his list. He loves other dogs and would welcome a canine friend in his new home! He has experience at a doggie day care where he is a favorite of the staff. He has successfully complete basic positive based training and presently is taking his second set of classes with Our Companions. He is 5 years old, is crate trained, does have some skin allergies that are managed by diet, I would love to talk more about Bentley so please call Our Companions Animal Rescue at 860-242-9999 or e-mail

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