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Sanctuary Arrival Date

December 2020

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3 year old Belle comes to us from a local animal control facility where she not only did her stay in that town, but in a different town too, all in quick succession. Belle was originally impounded as a stray, and then was adopted from that pound only to be abandoned by her adopters in a different town. Needless to say, she’s a bit overwhelmed and confused by her recent trials. Belle is very shy, and she needs to bond to new people over some yummy cheese, or chicken pieces. Once you are in, she’s delightful and her true personality starts to shine.

We believe that she may be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed with something that gave her those beautiful blue eyes. Blue eyes are not unheard of in Cavaliers, but they are very rare.

Current Status:

First on Belle’s list of adventures is making friends with and trusting the staff. She also needs to be spayed, so that is high up on her agenda after arriving at the sanctuary. As far as other dogs go, she’s already met Wizard, in the hopes that she would like a playmate, but Wizard was a bit overbearing for her while playing. They did enjoy their walk together though. Hopefully as she gains confidence and heals from her spay, she can have more walks and playdates with him.