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April 040119b (2)


Sanctuary Arrival Date

March 2019

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Background Story:

Sweet and snuggly April has so far been the picture of feline perfection. This seven year old girl was brought to animal control and then to the sanctuary. She instantly became a lap cat, even on her first night here she jumped right into our laps. Her favorite past times include playing with feather and ribbon toys, sitting on laps, and snoozing in a sunny windowsill. At a recent vet visit, we did discover she is in the early stages early stages of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that causes thickening of the heart muscle walls. While there is no treatment, cats with HCM can have a good to normal prognosis. (For those sanctuary volunteers who remember Archer, he has the same condition)

Current Status:

She’s been enjoying her catio time, playing with volunteers, and sitting on laps. We’ve also discovered that she is a happy drooler! How is this girl not adopted yet?!

Adoption Info:

April is the beginning of spring, with the flowers beginning to bud and warmer weather upon us. This April, is looking to begin her next journey on to her forever home where she can continue to blossom. She’s always looking for a warm lap to curl up on and is a great companion. She can be frightened at a sudden noise but she’s quick to come back out. April is about 7 years old and would likely prefer to be your one and only. If you think you could be her forever home contact or 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

All of the pets promoted by Our Companions Animal Rescue are located in CT. As such we wish to adopt animals into homes in the greater CT area. Pets are in various locations so we request that an appointment is made to meet with a specific pet we are advertising. Contact the person listed on the pet’s profile to find out more about our adoption process for a specific pet or e-mail for general inquiries.