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Samantha, diva that she is (LOL), knows she’s a genuine beauty. She’s an orange kitty with a white chest, tummy, and tootsies. She’s still a youngster at the approximate age of two years old.

Samantha likes to make a fashionably late entrance after sleeping late in the morning. And, getting up is so exhausting that she’s quick to jump up on your lap to curl-up for a quick snooze. It’s not that she doesn’t like activity, she just requires her beauty rest. Once she feels rested, Samantha goes into action romping around and playing with her toys. But, one of her very favorite activities is spending lots of the day sunning herself. We did say diva, didn’t we?

For more information about Samantha, please contact Stephanie at 860-242-9999 ext. 302 or use our contact form.