Is Mason the One for You?

Flowers are in bloom, leaves are starting to sprout and the grass is getting green - Springtime is finally here!

We can feel our spirits lifting with the warming temperatures. And, what better time to share stories of hope and inspiration from our furry friends at the Sanctuary.

Even though every rescue has their own special story, some just pull on our heart strings and touch us just a little more than others. The story of Mason is just one of those touching tales...

Mason 1


Life is pretty good about throwing us all curves, and looking at Mason you can probably guess the curves that were tossed his way.

But... like Mason, we're not going to dwell on his past. Other than to say he was born with no hind legs and had survived alone outside until his rescue this January. No - Now, Mason is all about the future and moving forward.

This incredibly special guy is about 3 years old, has a heart of gold and without a doubt has stolen the hearts of everyone who has met him. Watching him play, get around and just enjoy life as a cat has all his visitors leaving his room with a smile and a positive feeling inside (and we're pretty sure he's loving all that extra spoiling too).


Mason 2


We've had to make a few adjustments to his room to allow him as much freedom and comfort as possible but he is making himself right at home for now! Although he's not complaining, we are continuing to work on ways to make life just a little better for Mason. After all- he makes our lives a little better every day. It might be a small thing for him, but, he lets us feel like at the end of the day we've made a difference- and that's a big thing for us!


Mason 3

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