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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

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Featured Pet: Tessa

tESSATessa has got to be one of the cutest little ladies we’ve ever seen! With her irresistible smile and adorable Boxer pout, she has stolen all of our hearts.

This sweet girl is part of our rehoming program and is in need of a forever home that can give her the attention and love that she needs. Tessa would prefer being the only pup in her forever home and is fearful of small children and other dogs. Tessa would do best in a calm, adult home, or one with teenagers, as she is best buddies with her 11-year-old human sister! A fenced-in yard would be a huge plus for this bouncy Boxer, as she has lots of energy and would benefit from plenty of exercise and playtime. Once she’s all tuckered out, she would love nothing more than curling up with her people for some snuggles! She absolutely loves her people and is a super affectionate and extra-lovable pup.

Tessa is well-behaved in the house and walks great on a leash, but does have some anxiety, especially in new situations and with children and other dogs. Tessa is a lovely pup who will be the perfect companion for a dog-savvy adult home (or one with teenagers) who will give her plenty of time to settle in and allow her to blossom into the pup we know she can be. We know the perfect family is out there for Tessa and we can’t wait for her to find her forever home!

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Featured Pet: Bonnie


Bonnie the Beagle is everything you could ever want in a canine companion!

This sweet lady loves to meet new people, is super loving and affectionate, and goes crazy for stuffed, frozen Kongs. Bonnie has stolen all of our hearts and continues to prove at 11 years old that age truly is just a number! This lovable lady is spunky, active, and full of energy. She loves nothing more than sniffing about as she trots along and is always ready to take a spin around the Sanctuary!

Though she is now a healthy, happy girl, Bonnie hasn’t always been in such great shape. She came to us a few months ago very overweight and carrying around a rather large, very heavy, non-cancerous tumor. Though she was active and happy from the get-go, we knew she would be more comfortable if she dropped some weight and lost that uncomfortable tumor. After getting in shape with the help of a good diet and daily exercise, Bonnie became healthy enough to have the tumor surgically removed. The surgery went smoothly and the two pound tumor was removed without a hitch. She has healed beautifully and has gone from 50 to 38 pounds over the past several months, with a goal weight of 35 pounds! With her new svelte figure, Bonnie is truly a happier, healthier version of the Beagle we all know and love!

This sweet lady is often passed up because of her age, but we know her perfect match is out there somewhere and we can’t wait until they find each other! She would love a home where she is the only pet getting all the attention in the world and would thrive in an environment where someone is around much of the time to give her plenty of love!




Featured Pet: Dillon

Meet our very own grumpy cat, 4-year-old Dillon! This dashing dude sure will stop you in your tracks with his handsome face and beautiful eyes, but there is much more to this guy than meets the eye.

Dillon is a special needs kitty. He has made up his very own rules about how the world should work and would like all of us here at the Sanctuary to abide by those rules, even if we aren’t sure what they are! He can be quite the love bug and enjoys curling up on a warm lap for some snuggles, but will only give you love on his own terms! He is terrified of other cats, but seems to be fine with some dogs.

Dillon loves to play with toys and interactive games, but can become skittish if he’s overwhelmed or surprised. He is funny, playful, lovable, and sweet, but only shows us these sides of himself when he’s in the right mood! And sometimes, he is downright grumpy! Despite his unique personality, our volunteers and staff members absolutely love this cat. He has been here with us for a number of years and has truly become a staff and volunteer favorite.

Below is a link to both Dillon’s video, which includes some of our volunteer’s thoughts on Dillon. And be sure to check out the OC Blog featuring Dillon chatting with his fellow grumpy housemate, Tabby! Though we adore our Dillon just how he is and wouldn’t have him any other way, it has been challenging to find just the right adopter to accept his quirks and appreciate his personality. We have recently launched a campaign, entirely aimed at finding this guy just the right match, and we hope that his forever family will come forward very soon!

Click here to read Dillon's and Tabby's conversation

Here's Dillon's video.


Even if you are not looking to adopt a cat right now, you can help spread the word by sharing Dillon’s special poster located below. Click on the image for a full-size, printable poster.

Dillon poster



Featured Pet: Higgins

Handsome Higgins is one striking kitty! At three years old, he came to us from a bit of a sad situation, but you would never know it! This gorgeous tiger is so playful, active, and fun, we could spend hours just watching him run! His high energy can make him a bit overwhelming for some cats, but he is the perfect companion for our older kittens and has even sparked a “bromance” with one of our long-time residents, Dusty! Watching Higgins play with the kittens and bring out the energetic side of Dusty is such a joy. Not only does he love playing with other cats, but he loves his people too! With a feather toy and some treats, you are sure to be his best friend! After a long play session, Higgins loves nothing more than getting some chin scratches on one of his favorite perches!

Higgins could get along with another kitty playmate, but it would have be the right fit! He would do great in an adult home, as he can get a little nervous at times and doesn’t seem to love kids. Although he is active, you will often find him stretched out on a comfy bed or curled up on a tall perch taking a nap. He would do great in a home where he could get lots of play time and even more love!
Click here to watch Higgins’ video.



Featured Pet: Hera

Five year old Hera came to Our Companions after she was surrendered to a local municipal shelter.

When Hera first arrived, she was clearly incredibly frightened and had experienced some scary things during her first few years. Slowly but surely, Hera has blossomed at the Sanctuary and is truly a wonderful dog. She takes some time to warm up to new people and doesn’t always want to be outside of her safe zone, but once she knows you, she is an absolute love! Hera loves her Nylabones, digging in her sandbox, and has an impressive ability to catch treats with ease! She is a very calm and well-behaved pup who loves nothing more than curling up on a comfy couch for some lazy time after a long walk or some free time in the play yard.

Hera would do best as the only pup in a home, but she can get along well with other animals after she gets to know them. Hera will need an adopter who can appreciate her calm, laid-back demeanor and respect her nervous nature. This is a dog would do well in a quiet, adult home with a fenced-in backyard where she can prance around and play fetch without worrying about the world around her. Although we love her very much, she is so ready to go to her forever home and can’t wait to meet her perfect match!

Click here to watch Hera’s video, she is mighty cute.