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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

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Featured Pets: Rabbits and Hamsters

Apple, Kiwi, Peach, and Raspberry

When the wonderful Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven in Westchester, NY received a pregnant Syrian hamster as part of a much larger rescue case, they knew they were going to need a little help. Our Companions connected with them and we were thrilled to have some of the babies available for adoption in CT. Syrian hamsters are solitary pets and must be housed in their own cage!

Pocket hamsters

After finding homes for two of the hamsters, five remain in our care seeking forever homes. They are such sweeties that we had to name them after something else sweet – so they were given fruit names.


Apple Raspberry

Apple (male), Kiwi (male), Peach (male), Strawberry (female) and Raspberry (female) are friendly, curious, and playful, thanks to the volunteers who have come in regularly to socialize and play with them. Hamsters make very loving, entertaining and fun pets.

Kiwi Peach

Romeo and Juliet

RomeoJulietLike the famed lovers, Romeo and Juliet are two bunnies with a strong and loving bond! They were dropped off at animal control, Juliet pregnant with three adorable babies. The babies have since found their own homes, and Romeo and Juliet were spayed and neutered. Now, Our Companions is helping them find their very own place to call home!

They are curious, inquisitive, and playful, and they’re looking for a loving owner who will spend lots of time with them outside their cage. They are both classified as Lionhead rabbits, but their fur is so unbelievably soft we suspect they may have some Angora in them as well.


Smudge, Spot, Tinkerbell, and Buster

That’s not all – there are four other rabbits in Our Companions’ rehoming program eager to meet you!
First up is Smudge:


Smudge’s owner found him at the veterinary office where she works, and has been keeping him well-cared-for while she finds him a new home! Smudge absolutely loves to cuddle and will protest when a snuggle session ends. He gets along with his current owner’s dogs and cat, and likes to play tag with her parrot!





Buster’s about as Zen as they come. Nothing can make him nervous! He gets along with his foster caretaker’s dog, loves to be pet, and doesn’t even mind having his nails clipped. He was found after having been abandoned by his past owners but that has not dampened his friendly demeanor! Buster’s favorite activities are being pet and playing with his toys.




TinkerbellSpot and Tinkerbell are an inseparable mother-daughter pair. They currently both live with cats and dogs, and get along just fine that way. They spend lots of time together and have a very strong familial bond, so they have to be adopted out together!