Featured Pets

You can meet lots of our adoptable pets at our monthly adoption events at the Valerie Friedman Program Center in Manchester. Our next adoption event is on Saturday, September 20, from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. See photos of past months' event here.


Teddy and Kitty

Teddy is a black DSH cat who is appropriately named because you just want to hold him close like a cherished teddy bear.

Teddy is considered a “special needs” kitty. As a result of a traumatic brain injury, he is blind and walks with a special gait. But this doesn’t hold him back or make him any different than other cats – he eats on his own, purrs, enjoys playing with feathery toys, and loves to be petted.

Although Teddy needs to kept away from stairs for obvious reasons, he is quite agile and is even able to jump up and down from a couch. He finds his way around by employing him memory and his other strong senses such as hearing, smelling, and touching.

Although Teddy does quite well on his own, his wonderful friend and companion, Kitty, makes his life even brighter. She is a lovely and beautiful cat both on the outside and on the inside. And, even though she’s a little on the shy side, she takes it upon herself to assist Teddy in getting around. It is so heartwarming to see her guiding Teddy and looking out for him. Everyone should have such a true, caring friend!

Teddy is a very sweet and trusting little guy. Despite his inability to see, he gets excited and starts to purr whenever he hears a friendly, soothing voice near him as he anticipates positive attention coming his way. In addition to his trusting nature, his confidence is most likely boosted knowing his friend Kitty is nearby.

Kitty and Teddy are bonded and need to find a forever home together. They are both outstanding kitties who will light up a home with their charms. A quiet home with people who will be kind and treat them with the respect they deserve would be perfect. They would do fine with a home with no other animals or one with existing well-behaved cats and/or dogs.

For more information about Teddy and Kitty, please contact Stephanie at 860-242-9999 x 302 or contact us here.





RomeoRomeo is a Jack Russell Terrier with intelligent, sparkling eyes that always seem to be asking what’s going on?, what fun thing are we doing next? He simply delights in life and is a joy to be around.

He’s a sweet little clown who thrives on being the center of attention. If it’s happening, Romeo’s there. He enjoys being outdoors and thinks he’s a greyhound when he races around the yard at warp speed. While Romeo may be super-energized, at the end of the day, he knows how to chill and will cuddle right up beside you for a nice snooze.

Romeo is a very smart and alert dog who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. He will be your best buddy and will keep a smile on your face. To find out more about him, please contact Gina at 860-242-9999 x 302 or contact us here.