General Adoption Information

Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet! You’ve made a great decision to give a special animal a new, loving home.

What’s the adoption process?

Our Companions has many pets available for adoption. Some of the animals are living with their original families while we work to find them a new forever home. Others are living at our new Ashford Sanctuary. The adoption process is the same regardless of the location of the pet.

The first step in the adoption process is to complete an adoption application. Below are applications for cats, dogs, rabbits and small animals:

Cat Adoption Application (2 Page Word Document)

Dog Adoption Application (2 Page Word Document)

Rabbit Adoption Application (2 Page Word Document)

Small Animal Application (2 Page Word Document)

Once we receive your application, you will be assigned to one of our Helpline volunteers who will assist you through the adoption process. We will then check your references. In the case of dogs we will also arrange to visit your home and have a "meet and greet" with your family members (including the four-legged ones) to make sure that the new pet is a good match for your entire family.

Once one of our animals is placed in a new forever home, we will provide follow-up training. You and your new friend will have access to some of the area’s best trainers to help with the pet’s transition.

Adoption How much does it cost to adopt and what’s included?

Our Companions collects a tax-deductible donation for adopted pets.

Suggested donations:
Cats: $75, $125 for a pair
Kittens: $125, $200 for a pair
Dogs/Puppies: $150

All of our pets are vaccinated, neutered and treated for internal and external parasites. Dogs are tested for Lyme and Heartworm and cats are tested for FeLV and FIV. 

All adopters are offered an 8 week obedience course at our Manchester facility, prepaid, at a reduced rate. in addition, Our Companions continues to provide advice and support beyond the initial adoption period, including free consultations with our trainers. 

*What is the process if I want to adopt a dog who is living in its original home?

We often help when families re-home their dogs to prevent them from entering a shelter.

This is much better for the dog and it also helps keep the burden off of overcrowded shelters. During this process we give the original owner the option to be as involved as they wish in the adoption process.

In some cases this may cause the adoption process to take a bit longer, but we have found that this is the best process for us for finding both the best dog for you as well as the best home for the dog.


Contact Us:

Complete our contact form or call our adoption Helpline at (860) 242-9999 ext. 302. If there is a particular animal that is of interest to you, please contact the volunteer listed on that animal's Petfinder profile.

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